Saturday, September 11, 2010

Did you miss me?

Well hello! I know I've been a bad bad girl. Please forgive me :(

Since my last posting a couple of months ago, I ran into some bad luck and "lost" my laptop and tv in a burglary. Totally sweet, thanks thieves! So, due to that technical issue I haven't had the best method to post a new entry. However I decided this morning that no matter how long it takes me I'll post a new one...from my phone :) Not ideal but I'm hoping it will work.

So when my computer was taken all of my photos were taken as well-meaning I'm working on taking more to add to here. Or let me rephrase that, SOME to add to here-since I never actually followed through with posting my photos :( I've had lots of exciting projects going on lately so as soon as I find a way I'll be sure to post those!!

Summer has come and gone and I am overjoyed to welcome fall! Here in Okie we've had a taste of some cooler weather recently and I've been loooooving it!! Fall is in fact my very favorite season-love everything about it. Especially the opportunity to wear jackets and accessorize outfits with scarves and hats and more. Not to mention the excitement of HALLOWEEN!!! I myself will be decorating for my fave holiday on Monday. I can wait no longer!!

Okay well, my fingers are going numb typing this out on my phone so I'm calling it quits for this entry.

<3 kasey

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Evelyn Reese

today marks the first birthday of my precious niece Evelyn. this post comes late in the day b/c i had to work all day but as tired as i am i HAD to post for Evy.

i cannot believe the whole first year of her life has gone by-it seriously flew by!!!! i remember very well a year ago today when sister came into the hospital where i work to check in for her c-section. i was so excited about the arrival of my niece i could barely focus on the tons of other patients we had to deal with that day!! when the time came for surgery my crew at south allowed me to be back in the O.R. for the whole ordeal. it was such a special time for me. i was supposed to be in charge of video taping Evy's first moments but luckily for me Lo took over on the camera and just allowed me to be in the moment. 

in the O.R. our docs like to listen to some jams while they work and the crew decided that i should scan the radio and find the perfect tune to help welcome little E into the world. and boy did i hit the jackpot finding aerosmith's "pink" on the radio! i found it was quite fitting, seeing how she was about to add a whole lot more pink into sister's life! 

when her time of arrival rolled around, her sissy (me) was there waiting with the drape to catch her-i was the very first person to hold her..straight from Dr. W's hands. and let me just say that was an amazing thing. i'm crying while typing this just thinking about how special it was!! 

little E is a very beautiful, special, precious girl and i hope and pray she will always know how much we ALL love her. the first little girl grand baby for my parents and hopefully not the last! girls are too much fun with all of their little prissy accessories :)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i'mmmm back!!!

So after a verrrrry long time, (it was thanksgiving the last time i posted..oops!) i have decided to return to blogging.

i've recently moved back to midtown ttown and i'm loving it so much. my house is adorable and it strangely just keeps getting more awesome with each day!! :)

i have also recently become craigslist i check to see if there are new items listed every hour or so. pretty ridiculous, i know!! and i've been making CL purchases like crazy too. i just bought the most precious dining set and though mom and i worked on cleaning it up this past friday, it can still use a little TLC on the seats. they're a very retro green vinyl and unfortunately all 4 chair seats are coming unsewn in one area or another. i'm gonna try to salvage the seats though because they're just too cutesy. 

i'm a very lucky girl because i also got to take TWO florida vacations this summer, before summer even officially started actually! i know...go ahead and be jelly. i love florida so much, they have the most gorgeous white beaches and turquoise water i've ever seen and i feel very fortunate that i was able to spend some of my summer lounging on them before the terrible oil "spill" that's destroying the gulf moved in. so awful!!! on my flight back from tampa we could actually see oil in the water below as we approached louisiana.

so other than working, vacationing and moving i've just been working on making my house a home. i'll post some pictures of my digs as soon as i can. this should be enough to catch up on the goings on in my life currently.

cheers- kasey

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy turkey day to all. hope everyone enjoys their day spending time with friends and family!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


my sister and i have started doing a fitness bootcamp with a couple of friends. the trainer is awesome but she also works ya reeeeal leaves me so sore :( i just keep telling myself it's all worth it though-i'm gonna work hard towards a kickin body!!

i've got some funny stories to share from that. no time to write them right now-they're good though.